DreAmS …beyond once imagination…

DREAMS….A word we all are familiar with and we all have ….Some of them are to be completed …some are pending…And the rest We still are dreaming about…

“To be completed sOME dAy…..”A usual provoking thought we all have and that too with a sigh if we know that dreams we see will  be dreams only…and we won’t be able to complete them…..

OUR  dream world is one of the biggest world in this whole universe……actually its even bigger than this universe…..In this world of ours ANYTHING .ANYTIME ….CAN HAPPEN….BUT WITH OUR PERMISSION….as in this world we are starters …we are enders  ….And we are the makers…..so it is with our permission….


Its absolutely true…..Every one in this world has a dream to come true but only a few can manage to make them true……

I have a dream to become An IAS  officer…to make mycountry proud of me….I wanted to do something that is remembered by centuries…..I know its a little impractical but Dream is a dream…….And I believe myself that one day I will make it come true…I even want that when I go to the other world(death) the nation should be proud of me…..I SHOULD GET RESPECT OF GOING TO THE FUNERAL IN NATIONAL FLAG…..


I know it cannot be possible…..but its just…someday…..🙏🙏🙏🙏

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😴😪When we are able to accomplish our dreams we feel being out of the world…..as if we have received heaven …….Dreams are  of manyyy forms…

  1. seen by our parents for us
  2. seen at diiferent ages of life
  3. we see when we are mature
  4. we see when we praise others.
  5. can’t be explained ny words……..

Dreams that we are not able to accomplish slowly becomes our thoughts and vanishes…these are the ones we see 4👆.

Sometimes we waste our whole life following a dream and at the end we have nothing….life does not end here….but we go to depression and have NO DREAMS….i e NO LIFE….THEN WE ONLY SPEND OUR LIVES NOT LIVE …


so lets see the great side of it too…

It has no boundaries…

In our deeams we are king…we are queen…we are rulers …we are slaves……we have the world …in which we live the life….

its just unimaginable…. beyond my writings..

so Have a Good Dream……


Sometimes Its hard to tackle the truth.

For times we are not ready to accept it.Though we know the reality ,it seems that no one can understand the way we are in.

TRUTH sometimes is not the one we think it will be…

Sometimes life give us the chance to find the reality.. Accept it…But we at that point of time are incapable of accepting the truth.

Today I wanted to share a story..giving All the readers Dare To accept it ..question it…think upon it….or Try to unveil the truth behind it……

Once I had a friend named Shaurya.He was very much different from my other friends.He was a very sensitive emotional fellow.He cannot see people in pain and rushes to help the.His parents were very tensed with his behaviour and wanted him to be a person who can normally ignore sadness and other things..

When we all friends were once out in a coffee shop Shaurya was very quiet not like his usual behaviour.On being asked he did not replied.When we all decided to leave he quietly left without greetings….

I not able to digest his behaviour followed him.He went to a four lane road footpath and gifted few necessary things to the roadsiders..I immediately was relieved as it was not an unusual thing to see him helpimg others..He continued his habits…

But after a few days i got the information of shaurya being sent to hostel for further studies by his parents ….The reason they Gave me was very shocking.

Shaurya used to take money from his parents pockets without telling them.In a way he used to steal from his own house to help others….

“God’s way his path .A moment to attain ENLIGHTMENT

when The parents tried to find the truth 

they just saw him with some roadside kids and thought he was stealing to do bad activities……The incident left me to understand who in real was correct….parents or my friend…who is the real culprit or is there actually anyone who is in real guilty….Should I be oroud of my friend and prove his innocence or should I undeestand his parents concern regarding him..

please comment me to help me with my answers….

Precious :):)life

Some things are just perfect for us to happen.But many a times they are not the one which we want or the one we aspire for.They are the things that are better for us.A little difficult to understand this,right.Not at all  digestible.Go through it once again and try to find a deeper meaning that is being hidden in it.Too… actually alittle classy right?

Precious things in LIFE according to me are those whom we dont want to lose in our life.But in reality we tend to know their value only when we are on the verge of loosing it.THAT IS EXACTLY MY POINT.Life is like one of those precious things whose value we come to know when we are on verge of dying

Frankly telling when I began to be mature ..a became a little practical about things…I EVEN DOUBTED THE VERY EXISTENCE OF GOD!! SORRY GOD🙏 please forgive me but its true.Now when i used to think about it i know That everything is for a cause.So I think that it can be a possibility that the ones who used to have a feeling that they were dying when they saw God Was actually their deeds due to which they came to know the preciousness of life.

I know my writing today might be a little clumsy but I really think that I should start my blog by feeling of living a life…